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The HUMMEL - a faithful companion
1969 AD

The first HUMMEL sees the light of day in Frauenzimmern.
Frederick Worker, a master parquet layer, is one of the first to test the belt sander, revolutionary at the time.

The HUMMEL does not take long to convince him of its qualities.
Just a few days later, Frederick Worker happily welcomes it into the family circle. From now on, it is his constant companion on all construction sites.

Diverse operations and investments result in a greener future
On Tuesday 11 October, Aspecta organised an event which the editors of Floor Forum simply could not miss. Under the motto ‘A Spectacular Future - Unfolding the Ease’, the players gave diverse presentations and considered what the future of Aspecta should look like and the path which the company wants to follow in order to achieve that. The event took place at the Van der Valk Hotel in Sassenheim, near Leiden, in the Netherlands.

From now on, all forces will be bundled with the organization Group Blanchon together with three other strong brands for the treatment and finishing of wood. The Group owes its name to the French market leader Blanchon, but now also includes Ciranova, Ciranova Tech and RIGO the paint factory from the Netherlands which is the ideal leverage to strengthen its position on the Benelux market.

To make the shower a place of absolute comfort, Progress Profiles has developed and patented PROSHOWER SYSTEM. Available in two versions, LINEAR or CENTRAL, this system is made up of several elements, starting from the PROSHOWER PANEL: equipped with a centimeter grid that facilitates the cutting, ensuring maximum precision, it guarantees the perfect slope after the laying of the ceramic covering.

Auer Metallprofile GmbH has dedicated itself to the production of metal profiles made of aluminium, brass and stainless steel for floors and walls. The use of extremely high-quality and hard-wearing materials is particularly importat - the result is quality for the demanding professional!

“Aspecta paves the way for you every day”
At Domotex in Hannover, the Aspecta stand drew a lot of attention. This should not surprise as the company had a lot to tell, both about the way how it reorganized in 2022 and how it tackles its future and relaunched its brand and portfolio in 2023, introducing three brand-new collections (Essentials, Excellence and Contours) under the header ‘Embrace the ease’.
At the stand, both Marcel Kies (President HMTX Global) and Claudia Kunath (Vice President Global Design at HMTX Industries) walk us through their story.

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