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Thursday, 03 October 2019 08:31

HARO sustainability brochure

HARO: a full-scale commitment to sustainability

We create quality of life – this motto expresses the essence of HARO as Germany’s leading parquet brand and underscores the company’s commitment to the sustainable production of healthy living floor coverings. HARO’s dedication to sustainability is explored in-depth in the company’s new brochure on the topic.

Rosenheim – Sustainable business practises pay off. For five generations now, the company has conducted its business activities responsibly and respectfully worked with nature and the resources that it provides. These are two other important elements that complement the company’s code of seven other fundamental values, values that have made Hamberger and its HARO floor-covering brand the leading producer of floors in Germany. Technical innovation, a keen sense of living trends and a commitment to quality are other factors that form the foundation of premium flooring that delivers a perceptible increase in quality of life and total healthy living.

In its sustainability brochure, the Bavarian flooring company expresses its commitment to the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that are formulated in the United Nations’ AGENDA 2030. The SDGs encapsulate the major challenges of our times. For HARO, there was no question that all aspects of HARO sustainability commitment would reflect the respective SDGs issued by the United Nations.

Guaranteed healthy living

HARO floor coverings meet the requirements laid down by the German environmental seal called the Blauer Engel (Blue Angel). These standards require companies to use safe raw materials and avoid any hazardous substances. In doing so, HARO’s floor coverings fulfil SDG 3: “Good health and well-being” of the United Nations.

One example of this fulfilment is the healthy living design floor. It is completely free of PVC and plasticisers and has been awarded the seal of the ECO Institute in addition to that of the Blauer Engel.

HARO parquet has a positive impact on room climate. Thanks to the hygroscopic qualities of the real wood floor, the parquet can buffer humidity and release it once again into the ambient air if necessary. In the process, HARO parquet floors facilitate an ideal room climate.

A HARO laminate floor also perfectly helps to create a healthy living environment. After all, more than 80 percent of this flooring consists of the natural raw material wood. We all know that noise makes people sick. With the help of the patented technology SILENT CT, the sound is reduced by more than 60 percent in rooms where HARO laminate flooring has been installed. In turn, this flooring helps to create an acoustically pleasing feeling of comfort.    

Careful raw material management

Most of HARO floors are manufactured in Germany. The spruce sawn timber that is used for the middle layer of parquet comes from regional sources. The shorter the distance that logs travel from the forest to production, retail and consumers’ homes, the better for nature and the environment. Short transport distances with environmentally conscious means of transport like deliveries by train made to our own railway siding on the plant grounds help to reduce the number of deliveries made by truck and, thus, decrease CO2 emissions. HARO uses wood from PEFC-certified forests and forestry to produce its floors. Waste management is done largely in accordance with the principles of a closed cycle of materials. It facilitates the avoidance and reuse of residual materials. This diligent form of raw material management helps HARO to meet the requirements of SDG 12 “Responsible consumption and production” in an exemplary manner.  

Far-sighted energy management

Nearly all HARO flooring is produced at the company’s home base in the Upper Bavarian town of Stephanskirchen. The electricity used by the production operation and administrative offices comes from renewable sources. HARO gets all of the energy it needs from a CO2-neutral system consisting of thermal combined heating and power station and the company’s own small hydropower plant on the facility’s site. The excess energy produced by the system powers more than 8,000 households in surrounding communities. In the process, HARO saves about 70,000 tonnes of CO2 each year in comparison with energy supplies produced from fossil fuels like coal (this total is the equivalent of about 5,800 round-trip flights between Munich and Sydney). In this way, the company impressively fulfils the requirements of SDG 7 “Affordable and clean energy”.

Social responsibility: a company maxim

Vision and far-sighted action have been two of the entrepreneurial principles that have guided the family-owned Hamberger company ever since the business was established more than 150 years ago. Even as the company has entered its fourth and fifth generation, the company still employs the same mechanisms that it always has to ensure its future: 1. Long-term planning in place of quick profits. 2. Detailed training and employee inclusion in place of cheap labour. As part of this philosophy, employees receive a broad range of attractive opportunities to grow as individuals and receive advanced training in the company. To create a harmonious work-life balance, a company health-care management system was introduced. This system has received the GOLD AWARD from the health insurer AOK Bayern. The SDGs 8 and 9 “Decent work and economic growth” and “Industry innovation and infrastructure” symbolically represent the social responsibility of the company.    

“Test winner” in Focus Money consumer study

The commitment to sustainability exhibited by Hamberger and its HARO flooring brand is also viewed as exemplary by external groups. One such external supporter was a wide-scale consumer study done in March 2019 by the business magazine Focus Money and ServiceValue. Hamberger and its HARO flooring brand were named the most sustainable flooring manufacturer by 500,000 respondents. They received the honour of “RATING TEST WINNER” for their commitment to sustainability (Focus edition dated 16 March 2019).