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Friday, 08 January 2021 16:17

Futura Floors : The beauty of distressed hardwood floors

Creating a living space that is completely unique has never been easier. The distressed style of hardwood flooring is increasingly popular in the interior design industry and allows for just such distinction.

At Futura Floors our handmade distressed hardwood possesses an authentic weathered look for each plank. The vintage hardwood brings out texture and grain, adding a country-inspired feel to your home. It reminds us of a serene time when homes were lit by candlelight and wood floors were hand-cut and laid with care.

The Futura Floors wide plank distressed wood flooring is beautifully worn and uniquely rustic. We hand tool character markings like worm holes, nail holes and kerf marks. It is treasured for its reclaimed look and traditional appeal.

At Futura, we look forward to custom making your distressed wood floor. Why not add one of our stunning earth toned oil finishes to complete a charming look to your creation?