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Friday, 08 January 2021 16:22

Futura, Organic World Spaces

The unique character of Eye-catching wall solutions

What better material to have in your home than real solid wood? Modern trends show a spirited flavour of wood coverings that are wall mounted instead of laid on the floor.

Futura Floors offers a wide range of ideas for modern living with these and other bespoke made-to-order interior designs for every home or public space. We love natural materials and decided that it was time to experiment.

In our production facility Xylon Corporation, we combined pieces of oak by hand in varying dimensions to get a special look and natural style. Each one is textured and lacquered, the sides are carefully shaped and fit together perfectly. On the backside the pieces are glued together on large backings – providing stability and durability. These coverings can vary in colour and direction laid according to personal taste.

What better way to admire the bold textures and deep hues of real oak?