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Wednesday, 13 January 2021 12:50

Pallmann : A broad base for the new year

Full-range supplier Pallmann sets the tone in these in-stallation categories: lacquers, machines, and fillers for wood floors

Under the motto: “Even if the world is upside down, you can rely on Pallmann“, the German company wants to further enhance it’s image as a reliable partner for customers even in challeng-ing times. Pallmann relies on easy-to-process products, powerful user-friendly machines, and comprehensive services on construction sites.

Pallmann will start the new year with 3 focus topics from the installation product areas of: coatings, machines, and wood floor filling. In 2021, the Wurzburg-based manufacturer will focus on the global leading single component lacquer Pall-X 96, enhanced upgrades to the revolutinary wood floor sanding machine the Pallmann Spider, and a new fiber-rein-forced wood filler titled Pall-X Filler.

1K wood floor lacquer Pall-X 96:

Easy application, fast drying, and excellent filling capacities have made Pall-X 96 the choice of craftsmen worldwide for over 20 years. This benchmark single component waterborne lacquer is the spotlight of the International Campaign Pall-X 96 Wood Floor World Cup which began mid year 2020. Pallmann called on their craftsmen from around the globe to compete in a competition featuring wood floors coated with Pall-X 96. The grand finale will be held on 09.06.2021 in Wurzburg and feature projects and national craftsman champi-ons from all over the world. One winner will be crowned the Pall-X 96 Wood Floor World Cup Champion!

A revolution in sanding: Pallmann Spider features new enhanced up-grades:

The Pallmann Spider which revolutionized the wood floor sanding industry, now will feature new features to further optimized the user experience. In January onward a new power LED light with 360° illumination and improved wheel hubcaps will be standard on the equipment. The integrated light illuminates the working area and clearly makes visible the sanding pattern and remaining irregularities
left in the floor. This new LED light will enhance working conditions especially in poorly lit areas and ensures the optimum result in sanding patterns.
The light ring will also add additional weight to the machine to ensure a smooth operation during padding and polishing. A new enhanced hubcap design will protect door frames, walls and baseboards from unwanted scratches.
Further upgrades to the machine will follow in later 2021.

Pall-X Filler - strong partner for wide joints:

Pallmann brings it’s innovation of flooring installation material to the next generation of wood filler. Pall-X Filler is a fibre reinforced wood filler with ample working time, and excellent stability in joints. Low shrinkage, non-clogging formula when abraded, and neutral colour round out Pall-X Filler key features that ensures success for any wood flooring project.