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Thursday, 04 March 2021 18:12

Chipps: trendy beneath, beside, and above your feet

Roel Geraerts and Romina De Giorgi: ‘It is high time to give OSB a rethink!’

You are familiar with the material OSB, but you have probably rarely, if ever, fitted it as a finished floor. Now, however, there’s Chipps, which proves that this versatile semi-finished product or building material has lots more up its sleeve.

Chipps has literally given OSB a rethink with a trendy design look, which gives centre stage to the values of love of nature and wood in particular. Chipps even believes it is ideal not only for floors, but also for ceilings and walls.

The name Roel Geraerts, who, together with partner Romina De Giorgi, is the driving force behind Chipps, might ring a bell. Until a few years ago, the man from Zonhoven (B), Limburg, was the owner at Z-parket for the development of a drying process for wood top layers for the parquet industry, but his love of parquet and wooden floors remains as strong as ever.

Roel and Romina comment: ‘The parquet industry is fairly traditional and, in all honesty, it was good to come aside for a while and consider whether there was another approach to the phenomenon of wooden flooring. Romina and I started to experiment with OSB and we soon realised we could turn a well known and popular product into something very trendy with splendid designs. We explored the limits of OSB, took our time to perfect the new idea, and rounded off the organisation for launching it on the market. We launched the result of our efforts last year in September under the name Chipps. We’ve divided up Chipps into six collections with over 40 designs all together.’

Tasty Wood Boards
In the prospectus we read that Chipps (with the baseline ‘Tasty Wood Boards’, which stresses the link with wood) can be used for floors, walls, and ceilings. Obviously, the key question is how and where parquet floor fitters come in.

‘We’re convinced it can complement any parquet range. Our product is a floor covering somewhere between parquet and laminate, but much more attractive than the latter. We explicitly target people with not only an eye for sustainable enterprise, ecology, expertise, co-operation, and innovation, but also with the audacity to try something different from the traditional.’

‘We stress mainly the design of this rewarding, ecological, 100% re-usable, noble, and versatile product. Moreover, it’s easy to fit, has tongue and groove on four sides, and can be fitted floating or with floor adhesive. If we add that there’s protection with seven coats of varnish applied using a specific procedure to yield more UV and scratch-resistance, professionals know the score.’

Various applications
Chipps is supplied ready for use and is meant for all sorts of commercial and domestic rooms. What's more, it doesn’t have to be used ‘permanently’, but is also ideal for temporary structures. ‘A good example of that is our coming cooperation with Ecohuis in Herentals. The company is launching ‘Brensj’, tailored mobile units. These are adaptable mobile eco-units tailored to suit everyone. Inter alia, providing for the trend of working at home by fitting personalised office units in employees’ homes or gardens.’

‘This goes far beyond merely working from home. We’ve noticed, for instance, that this application is also attractive for the residential care sector. Or for events or pop-up bars, where stands can easily be erected and removed. The furnishings can also be fully personalised. Why not put a photograph on your floor or wall or even your ceiling? No problem! Chipps ensures creativity without bounds.

’Web site, web shop, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Do you want to know more? If so, surf to The web site outlines all the options and you will also find scores of sample decors from the various collections. In the meantime, they have set up a web shop (the site has a list of dealers) where private individuals can easily make their choice on the basis of various photographs. You will also find more information on Facebook, Insta-gram, and Linked In.

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