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Tuesday, 31 October 2023 13:27

Live without limits! The new laminate Edition m8

Endlessly beautiful, super wide, extremely natural – these are the de-fining characteristics of the new Edition m8 laminate collection from MEISTER. It also stands out for its perfect combination of trendy and natural decors, as well as planks in an infinite look.

Laminate has long been one of the most popular floor coverings, not least because of its robustness, easy care and favourable price-performance ratio – and the list of benefits is now even longer, in the truest sense of the word, because the new Edition m8 represents lam-inate in a XXL format.

Although the new laminate collection has a compact, short plank for-mat (1,288 x 328 mm), the transitions between the planks are barely visible when installed, giving the floor a seamless appearance. Transi-tion profiles are only needed every 10 metres. Lengthways, this cre-ates the impression of endlessly long planks. Thanks to this beautiful infinite look, the Edition m8 utilises its length to full effect, making even small rooms appear larger. What’s more, with a width of 328 mm, the planks are almost twice as wide as most other short plank formats in our product range. In particular, the combination of the wood effect with the infinite look along the length of the wide planks makes the Edi-tion m8 laminate look extremely natural.

Furthermore, the authentic matt decor surfaces and natural wood structure convey the look and feel of naturally oiled real wood flooring. That’s why even at second glance, the laminate flooring is almost in-distinguishable from real wood, guaranteeing a feeling of natural com-fort within your own four walls.

With an installation height of 8 mm, four-hour water resistance (Aq-uaSafe system), and wear class 23 | 32 for living areas with heavy use and commercial areas with moderate use, such as boutiques and res-taurants, this laminate flooring can withstand anything.